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Quality Control

Quality Control processes have always been complete and rigorous.

Blakemans set compliance with the prevailing health, safety and quality legislation as a minimum standard. Communicating regularly with the relevant official bodies to ensure its factories adopt the latest standards as they are introduced. The fully-integrated ‘Tropos’ computer system provides real-time, full traceability that allows the quality team to track ingredients from order to warehouse, through production to finished product.

Our highly trained and professional quality control staff are dedicated to maintaining the Blakemans high quality reputation. They monitor and record a multitude of checks and measures for each product, throughout the entire of its manufacture to ensure its consistency. Temperature checks are carried out throughout the process of production, from incoming raw materials, frozen and chilled raw product and cooked product as well as having a monitoring system in place to monitor all temperature controlled storage and production areas. Further testing includes inspection of all meat upon arrival, organoleptic assessments, metal detection, weight and length measurements, metal detection and x-raying products.