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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Chilled, Cooked & Frozen Quality Sausage
Meat Based Products Supplied to the Wholesale, Catering and Food Services Sector


Consistently high standard of products

t James T. Blakeman & Co Ltd.’s 57,000 square foot manufacturing facility, the Blakeman family produce almost 1800 tonnes of the UK’s finest sausage annually. They combine ingredients of the highest quality and fully qualified staff with the world’s best equipment, to achieve a consistently high quality product. The factory is widely recognised as a showpiece for the hygienic handling of food, processed using the latest equipment and techniques. Regularly inspected by food, factory and trading standards inspectors, it conforms to all current European legislation. In 2005, efsis issued guidelines on ‘instant time live data’ standards. In response, Blakemans installed a fully integrated IT system that links every departmental function. It provides real-time, full traceability of ingredients throughout the production process.