Quality, Consistency, Progression

At James T. Blakeman & Co. Ltd, all of our products start with the finest selected cuts of meat, carefully sourced ingredients, highly experienced staff and well maintained machinery. These fundamental factors have kept us ahead of the competition since 1953, with an impressive reputation for consistently great quality products and fantastic service.

Our CAPEX programme of continued investment has allowed us to continue to lead in our industry, using the latest technology to create greater and greater diversity within our product repertoire; our latest investment being 2 new bowl choppers at a cost of £450,000. Our factory produces 16,000 tonnes of sausages a year (that's an incredible 300 tonnes per week), turning raw materials to a full pallet of frozen, packed sausages in just 2 hours! We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customer's needs.

We currently produce sausages of every flavour combination and dimension you can imagine, ranging from tasty chip shop sausages to classic butchers style sausages, sausage whirls, sausage meats and even pigs in blankets. We produce both chilled and frozen products, which are available in a huge range of packaging configurations, including branded films, bags and boxes.

Our investments are not confined to our plant; we recognise that our staff are the driving force of our business, so we have joined forces with the National Skills Academy to ensure that all of our exceptional, and usually long standing work force remains highly skilled, effective, diligent and engaged in their work, making them the best in the business.

To protect and maintain our reputation for consistency of great quality products we have included another dimension. Extra to our Quality Control team's rigorous checks, the installation of a FOSS machine enables us to verify the continuity of quality and composition of all of our meat on arrival. Our entire production and packing process is strictly temperature controlled and we constantly sample all of our products throughout production, cooking and testing regularly before we release them for sale.

As a business, we believe that we have a huge responsibility to help to protect our environment and have endeavoured to secure our place as having the lowest carbon footprint of a manufacturer of our kind. We mindfully source as much of our raw ingredients and packaging locally, in an effort to reduce our food miles, whilst simultaneously helping to support local businesses. We have a stringent recycling policy (including all of our cardboard and food waste), Blakemans have replaced towel hand dryers with energy efficient hand dryers and have even replaced all of our lighting with energy saving lighting.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Chilled, Cooked & Frozen Quality Sausage and Meat Based Products Supplied to the Wholesale, Catering and Food Services Sector