Although Health and Safety has always played a pivotal role in the day to day operations at Blakeman’s, in the past months we have been taking further precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and clients alike.

Thanks to our in-house expertise in HR, training and health and safety we have been able to respond instantly to changing guidance throughout the pandemic which has allowed us to continue producing our products at the same impeccable standards whilst ensuring the safety of our colleagues, clients and their families

We not only take pride in the quality of our products but also in the quality of our operations and are dedicated to creating a safe working environment adhering to Government guidelines and are actively taking steps to implement necessary change to our practices.

Our on-site health and safety team have undertaken an exhaustive Covid-19 risk assessment across the entire manufacturing site, including each machine, office, and shared recreational areas. Alongside this, there have also been updates to shift patterns and break times to ensure that all staff are able to safely socially distance whilst in the workplace. The health and safety team have implemented sanitising stations across the site, compulsory masks and visor wear for all employees on the factory floor and have restricted the number of outside visitors so that those entering the building are only completely necessary.

Similarly, a dedicated Covid-19 team has been assembled including colleagues from various roles in the business who meet on a weekly basis to discuss changes to government guidelines, required adaptations to the working environment and are then able to action these changes across the site. This team is further supported by a dedicated COVID Marshal working on site policing the factory ensuring that all members of staff are adhering to the safe practices and is also completing random UV light checks on colleagues to ensure that our strict hygiene standards are being met.

In addition to this, we have taken to sending two weekly newsletters informing working and furloughed employees of company updates and changes and reassuring them throughout this uncertain period.

As orders now begin to increase and more staff return into the workplace, we have implemented a three-stage screening process and an online induction ensuring they are safe and prepared for the new changes upon their return to work.

As always, the safety of our staff and their relatives is paramount and therefore we will be constantly re-evaluating, updating and making necessary changes to our current plans, making sure that we comply with changes to government guidelines as we move forwards at Blakeman’s.