• Blakemans Sausages
    HISTORY 1960-1980
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Chilled, Cooked & Frozen Quality Sausage
Meat Based Products Supplied to the Wholesale, Catering and Food Services Sector

History 1960-1980

In 1977 Blakeman’s moved to larger modern factory premises at Northam Road, Hanley. Included in the £250,000 investment were new mincers, fillers, massagers and an 80 litre Alpina Bowl Cutter. Production steadily rose to seven tonnes of sausage per week.

The product range covered Supreme Quality Sausages and a Catering Sausage. There was even a deep-fry version for distribution to chip shops, canteens and motorway restaurants. In addition the company prepared a range of cooked meats.

The firm covered a 100 mile radius from Stoke, though during the summer season, products were soon being taken by customers as far away as Cornwall.